What Is Weidan?

Weidan is a Chinese semiconductor laser therapy instrument manufacturer and a medical electronic instrument and equipment provider integrating R&D, production, and sales-level services. Weidan Company mainly produces household medical equipment, and its main business is semiconductor laser therapeutic equipment and low-frequency pulse therapeutic equipment.

laser light therapy device

The Challenge

The wrist-type laser therapy device is the latest laser therapy device developed by Weidan Company using laser vascular external radiation therapy. It can be used for local irradiation of the nasal cavity and body surface, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on reducing inflammation, relieving pain, reducing blood viscosity, and reducing blood lipids.

In the early stage, battery suppliers frequently had problems such as batteries being unable to charge and batteries discharging time being short, which could not be solved for a long time. In the end, Weidan Company found Ufine Battery and solved this problem with the active and close cooperation of our battery engineers.

Unable to Charge icon

Unable to Charge

Battery over-discharged, triggering low-voltage protection and preventing charging.

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Short Discharge Time

A rapid decrease in the instrument’s battery capacity results in early shutdown.

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Negative Customer Reviews

Battery problems raise quality concerns and result in poor reviews.

Finding A Solution

After Ufine received the customer’s product that was not working properly, it first analyzed the causes of the defect. Find the reason why the battery cannot be charged or discharged in a short time, and find the solution step by step.

1. The main reason why the laser therapy device battery can not be charged may be that after the battery is over-discharged, the power is exhausted and the battery enters low-voltage protection. At this time, to prevent excessive damage to the battery, it will become impossible to charge.

After a series of tests, Ufine’s battery engineers finally chose to replace the original IC with an IC with a higher over-discharge protection voltage, successfully solving this challenge.

2. There are many reasons for the short discharge time of the laser therapy device. The Ufine technical team tested and analyzed several possible causes one by one. Finally, it was concluded that the original supplier’s designed capacity did not match the actual capacity.

Ufine’s battery cell engineers specially designed a battery cell with a larger rated capacity under the same size as Weidan. After prototyping and batch testing, this challenge was successfully resolved. Weidan and Ufine have reached a long-term and stable cooperation.

finding a solution
finding a solution mobile

As an engineer at Weidan, I am incredibly pleased with Ufine’s solution to the battery challenges we faced. Ufine’s expertise in lithium batteries has truly impressed us. The issues of being unable to charge and short discharge time have been effectively resolved. We can now confidently deliver reliable medical equipment with extended battery life. Ufine’s collaboration has been a game-changer, and we highly recommend their exceptional battery solutions.



Medical Equipment Engineer

Successful Outcomes We’ve Reached

By using our improved battery, Weidan’s laser therapy device has a longer battery life and a better user experience. This has resulted in a steady increase in the output and sales of Weidan laser therapy devices month by month. Weidan purchases batteries from Ufine, and the average monthly purchase volume reaches 5W.

fast charging icon

Stable Battery Charging

Resolved the issue of the battery not charging.

extended battery life icon

Extended Battery Life

The life of the laser therapy device has been increased from 2 years to 4 years.

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Stable Performance

Laser therapy instruments consistently deliver optimal function, enhancing customer experience.

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