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The type of batteries used in cabinet lights can vary depending on the specific type of lighting fixture. Some cabinet lights use rechargeable battery technology, such as lithium-ion batteries.
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Why do you need cabinet lights?

People who often cook may have this problem. Even if the main light is turned on in the kitchen, the light will be tightly blocked by the wall cabinet or the cook himself. There are often shadows in the operating area and cooking area, which greatly affects washing, chopping, and stir-frying. Not only is the cooking efficiency not high, it may also cause cuts, burns and other hazards due to poor visibility.

To avoid this situation, it is necessary to design the position of the cabinet lights in advance when customizing the cabinets and select appropriate light sources for auxiliary lighting.

If the cabinet has been installed, you can still choose cabinet lights that are not limited by power supply, such as light strips and battery sensor lights, for auxiliary lighting.

Some cabinet lights are rechargeable, and some are directly installed with batteries. However, for those who need to supplement local lighting later, they are undoubtedly much more convenient to use. They can be installed immediately after purchase, and the installation location is more flexible.

Most cabinet lights now have sensing functions, including human body sensing, touch sensing, and door touch sensing. This can further improve the ease of use.

These cabinet lights have built-in large-capacity lithium batteries that can be recharged. The lamp body is equipped with an infrared sensor, so there is no need to touch the switch with your hands. When the infrared sensor senses the heat of the human body, it will automatically turn on, and will turn off after a delay after the person leaves. It is easy to install. Just fix the installation iron piece and magnetically attract it.

Cabinet light type

When the light is installed below the wall cabinet and above the countertop, the main lighting in the kitchen is limited, and the most affected areas are the sink, countertop and other operating areas. Therefore, installing downlights, light strips, sensor lights, etc. under the wall cabinets not only facilitates installation but also fully solves the problem.

1. Rabbit handle lamp

Sensor lights are more beautiful when embedded in the front of the wall cabinet bottom plate, but the bottom plate needs to be reduced in size. Independent infrared hand scan sensor switch, easy to use and does not consume electricity.

2. LED light strip

In mid-to-high-end kitchen displays, LED light strips are specially designed to be placed on walls, countertop drain lines and other areas. It can not only provide targeted lighting but also create a technological, noble and romantic lighting atmosphere, reflecting class and taste.

3. LED downlight

Downlights are suitable for installation behind the bottom of wall cabinets to provide lighting for countertops, sinks and other areas.

4. Mini corner light

The corner light source is installed at the bottom of the wall cabinet and has an independent touch switch. Scattered items such as oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and condiments are often placed in the corners of the countertop. A mini corner light is perfect.

5. Battery sensor light

The human body infrared sensor switch can be disassembled and assembled at will, is Android USB rechargeable, and can be installed in any area that requires lighting. When the light is dim at night, it will automatically turn on after sensing the human body, which is convenient and does not waste electricity.

If it is inside a cabinet or drawer, the type of cabinet light required is different. If there is a shadow blind area in the storage space inside the cabinet, various types of cabinet lights can also be embedded to make it easier to access items.

1. LED downlight

The lighting blind area inside the wall cabinet has no obvious light source and can be directly illuminated with LED downlights. It is generally installed in the center of the top of the wall cabinet, and the top of the middle cabinet is toward the back. There is no independent switch and an external power supply is required.

2. LED sensor drawer light

LED induction drawer lights are suitable for some backlit and shaded areas and are installed on both sides of the drawer cabinet. Similar to the refrigerator light, the light comes on when the drawer is opened and goes off when it is closed.

3. Embedded hard light strips and surface light strips

Embedded hard light strips can be cut to size and require a separate power switch to be installed on the side or bottom panel of wall cabinets or high cabinets. When the storage space of some wine cabinets and display cabinets is insufficiently illuminated, surface light sources can be used to supplement the light source, which also has a certain decorative effect.

4. Wood laminate lamp

The built-in lights in wooden laminates are installed at the rear end of the open-grid wooden laminates. The hidden installation is more beautiful. However, the wooden laminates need to

High Energy Density

It stores large amounts of energy in a smaller and lighter package

Longer Cycle Life

Withstands extensive charge and discharge cycles

Low Self-Discharge

Maintains power longer when not in use


Minimizes the risk of accidents and ensures safe operation

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