What Is Ren He(RH)?

Xiamen Renhe Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. (RH) was founded in 2018. The company currently has HOME series of home treadmills, fascia meters, rowing machines, and other products.

Currently, RH has about 900 employees, and its products are sold in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, mainly exported to Europe, America, Asia, and other regions. RH has in-depth cooperation with many companies such as NetEase Select, Honor Select, and European and American companies.

fascia gun

The Challenge

The fascia gun is one of the best-selling products of RH Sports Equipment. This fascia gun has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Due to reasons such as large battery voltage drop and high static electricity from early battery suppliers, it is easy to cause the fascia gun to be too weak.

In terms of battery weight, the batteries of other lithium battery manufacturers are heavy, making it inconvenient for customers to use the fascia gun.

In addition, other battery manufacturers were unable to meet RH’s needs in terms of battery design. In the end, RH chose to cooperate with Ufine Battery, which has many years of experience in lithium battery R&D and production, to solve these challenges.

Motor Stuck icon

Motor Stuck

Insufficient protection delay on the board may cause motor failure at startup.

Heavy Battery icon

Heavy Battery

Excessive weight leads to a negative user experience.

weak anti-static ability icon

Weak Anti-Static Ability

Fascia gun malfunctions due to static electricity, requiring a restart to function properly.

Finding A Solution

After Ufine received the customer’s product, it first conducted a cause analysis, found the cause, and found a solution step by step.

1. The normal discharge of the battery from the previous battery supplier cannot meet the output power of the fascia gun, causing the fascia gun to not work properly.

After analyzing the reasons, Ufine adopted a rate-type discharge material system to improve the discharge coefficient of the battery. This meets the power demand of the fascia gun so that the fascia gun can work strongly and the massage effect becomes better.

2. Given the problem the weight of the fascia gun is also heavy due to the heavy weight of the battery, and the customer experience is not good. Ufine uses a high-energy density solution. Using a high-rate nickel 811 system, the energy density reaches 253wh/Kg. This way, the overall battery weight can be reduced. The fascia gun is also lighter than before.

3. The batteries provided by RH’s previous battery supplier had high static electricity. In response to this problem, Ufine’s Pack engineers optimized the circuit design and replaced the protection IC. This reduces the impact of static electricity on the IC, thereby reducing the problem that the fascia gun can not work properly due to high static electricity.

finding a solution
finding a solution mobile

As a product engineer at RH, I am thrilled with Ufine’s solution to the challenges we faced with our fascia gun. Ufine’s collaboration has truly transformed our product performance. The issues of electrode sticking, heavy battery, and poor anti-static effect have been effectively resolved. With Ufine’s expertise in lithium batteries, our fascia gun now delivers exceptional performance, resulting in a significant surge in sales. We are extremely satisfied with Ufine’s solution and highly recommend their partnership for product enhancements.



Product Manager

Successful Outcomes We’ve Reached

After RH uses our improved battery, the motor is powerful and the massage effect is good. In addition, due to the reduced weight of the battery, the feel of the fascia gun has also been improved, and the customer experience has become better.

The improvement of anti-static capabilities also prevents users from malfunctioning due to the influence of static electricity during use. The product competitiveness of RH fascia gun has been greatly improved. RH has also gained a good reputation for this product.

 customer safisfaction icon

Powerful and Comfortable

Positive customer feedback, reduced issues

Save space icon

10% Lighter

Improved user experience: easier and more comfortable

Stable work icon

Stable Operation

Enhanced anti-static capability, fewer crashes

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