What Is Kanglinbei?

Jiangsu Kanglinbei Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise that focuses on the research and development, production and sales of medical equipment, led by intelligent medical equipment, hospital infection control, clinical care, surgical consumables, wound care, and other products.

Kanglinbei is committed to providing safer and more effective medical device products and services to medical institutions and patients. The safety and effectiveness of Kanglinbei products are generally recognized by medical institutions, medical staff, and patients.

antiemetic device

The Challenge

Kanglinbei Medical Devices focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of medical devices. Due to the product characteristics of the antiemetic device, there is limited space to place power batteries on the antiemetic device space. In view of the problem, the batteries provided by other battery manufacturers cannot meet the discharge demand, and some batteries cannot be charged after discharge. In the end, Kanglinbei chose Ufine Battery to provide the solution. Using Ufine 3.7V 140mAh lithium battery solves the above problems.

Big battery size icon

Big Battery Size

Limited product size and space prevent the use of large batteries.

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Unable to Charge

Imperfect battery design prevents normal charging after a complete discharge.

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Short Battery Life

Limited battery life hampers user experience.

Finding A Solution

After a comprehensive analysis of Kanglinbei’s equipment, Ufine engineers finally found a battery solution suitable for this product.

1. Medical devices are limited by size and space and need to increase battery capacity under limited space conditions. Therefore, Ufine changed the main material used in the battery and adopted high-density pure cobalt material. In addition, the internal structure design of the battery is optimized to increase the battery capacity to meet the power demand of Kanglinbei products.

2. Regarding the problem that the battery cannot be charged normally after being fully discharged, after active communication between Ufine’s sales staff and engineering and technical personnel, it is recommended to design a shutdown voltage on the product’s motherboard. The battery uses a 3.0V cut-off voltage IC, and through the scientific configuration of the motherboard voltage and battery protection board parameters, it solves the problem of some batteries being unable to continue charging after being fully discharged.


I am thrilled with Ufine’s solution to our battery challenges. Their batteries perfectly meet our requirements for compactness in medical equipment. Ufine’s batteries not only increase the battery life of our antiemetic device by 20% but also charge faster. We are extremely satisfied with Ufine’s expertise and their contribution to enhancing our medical devices.



Purchasing Manager

Successful Outcomes We’ve Reached

Kanglinbei Medical Equipment has solved the problem of battery life by using our improved battery. The battery life of the antiemetic device is increased by 20%. The problem of being unable to charge after being completely discharged has also been solved, enabling normal charging and increasing the charging speed.

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Save Device Space

Reduce battery size by using high-density materials.

normal charging icon

Normal Charging 

Improved battery motherboard design enables normal charging.

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20% Longer Battery Life

Increase the antiemetic device’s working time by 20% without additional cost.

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