What Is ML?

ML Technology India is an integrated Internet technology company that develops, produces, and sells pan-smart home products. Future family life and entertainment require more levels of information channels and high-quality experiences. What ML does is meet the needs of users in the smart home ecological chain. I hope to integrate every wonderful idea into life scene applications, so that imagination can be everywhere.

electronic rearview mirror

The Challenge

The electronic rearview mirror is a newly developed auxiliary product for vehicle use by ML Company. This electronic rearview mirror requires the battery to occupy a small and thin space. Moreover, the environment in which electronic rearview mirrors are used is harsh, requiring lithium batteries to withstand high temperatures and have a battery cycle life of more than 800 times. Many lithium battery manufacturers have been deterred by their inability to meet these demands. But Ufine Battery has a perfect solution.

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Small Space & Thin Battery

The electronic rearview mirror’s compact design requires a corresponding lithium battery size.

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High-temperature Resistance

Electronic rearview mirrors demand lithium batteries capable of withstanding harsh environments.

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Cycle Life Exceeds 800 Times

The customer requires the lithium batteries to have a cycle life of over 800 times.

Finding A Solution

1. Ufine engineers customized an ultra-thin special-shaped lithium battery for ML Company’s Dianzan rearview mirror so that it can meet the narrow space requirements of electronic rearview mirrors. The thickness of this lithium battery is less than 1mm, which fully conforms to the beautiful and ultra-thin design concept of ML products.

2. Select high-temperature-resistant cathode materials, match them with high-temperature-resistant electrolytes, and adjust the corresponding design parameters to meet the high-temperature discharge requirements of the battery rearview mirror. Even in a high-temperature environment of 80℃, it can still exert more than 95% of its capacity.

3. Use cathode materials with different particle sizes in reasonable proportions and increase the proportion of electrolyte film-forming components so that the cycle life of lithium batteries can meet usage requirements under extreme charging and discharging conditions. This can meet ML’s design life requirements for electronic rearview mirrors.

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Ufine’s lithium batteries have flawlessly matched our electronic rearview mirror in terms of size, product life, and usage environment. Their solution has played a key role in the outstanding performance of our product.

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Product Manager

Successful Outcomes We’ve Reached

After ML used Ufine’s customized batteries, the electronic rearview mirror met the customer’s usage standards and received a large number of customer orders.

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Ultra-thin Battery

The small size complements the product’s compact design.

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High-temperature Resistance

Electronic rearview mirror withstands up to 80°C in unchanged volume and capacity.

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High Cycle Life

The lithium batteries have been designed to have a cycle life over 800 times.

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