What Is Coway?

Coway is the No. 1 brand of environmental home appliances in South Korea. It has high market recognition in South Korea and ranks among the top 50 most promising companies in Asia.

Coway is an official member of the Water Quality Association (WQA) and the American Home Appliances Association (AHAM). Coway is a professional environmental home appliance enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales. Since its establishment on May 2, 1989, Coway has always occupied the first place in South Korea’s water purification, air purification, and sanitary ware industries. Coway’s market popularity is 81.9% for water purifiers, 83.9% for smart toilets, 54% for air purifiers, and 72.2% for water softeners.

Since Coway was successfully listed on the Korean Stock Exchange in August 2001, it has maintained a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 15%. In 2016, sales of US$2.1 billion were achieved. From 1998 to 2006, the company was selected as the No. 1 company by the Korean Energy Efficiency Association for eight consecutive years and has won the title of No. 1 company in customer satisfaction for five consecutive years. It is the largest environmental home appliance company in South Korea and the largest environmental home appliance company in the world. One of the enterprises.

portable water purifier

The Challenge

The portable water purifier is a water purifier developed by Coway that can be used without mains power. However, the main problem faced by this water purifier is that in a humid and watery environment, it is easy to cause battery failure.

Contact Rust icon

Contact Rust

Traditional contact methods in humidity lead to rust and poor connection.

Protection Board Failur icon

Protection Board Failure

Moisture in wet environments affects the battery’s internal circuit, causing failure.

short battery life icon

Short Battery Life

The battery pack fails to meet usage requirements after 300 cycles.

Finding A Solution

Ufine Battery improves the battery processing technology and battery cycle life based on the usage of this product.

1. The contact points of the finished battery are gold-plated to prevent rust caused by moisture. This also avoids the problem of contact point capacity rusting after long-term use.

2. Before battery processing, the protective board should be treated with waterproof glue. After the finished battery is assembled, the entire battery is filled with glue to make it 100% waterproof. This will prevent internal connection failure due to moisture. Situations that cause the battery pack to fail to function properly are eliminated.

3. Improve the cycle life of single battery cells. The life of a single battery cell has been increased from 300 to 1,000 times, and the life of the finished battery pack has been increased to more than 500 times. This ensures that the battery can meet normal use during the product life cycle. 

finding a solution
finding a solution mobile

Ufine’s collaboration with Coway to address battery failure in humid and watery environments is impressive. As a customer, I am delighted with their solution, which surpasses what other battery manufacturers have struggled to achieve. Ufine’s expertise in lithium batteries is evident in its ability to deliver reliable performance, ensuring the smooth functioning of Coway water purifiers. I highly recommend Ufine for their innovative and effective solution.



Water Purifier Engineer

Successful Outcomes We’ve Reached

Coway uses an improved battery, making the water purifier more stable to use. The battery can still work well after three to four years of use. Customer feedback is very good.

stable work icon

Stable, Rust-Free Contact

 Positive customer reviews, and fewer issues.

safety icon

IP68 Waterproof Rating

Water-resistant, enhanced convenience

increased service life icon

Extended Lifespan

Maintains 80% performance after 4 years of use.

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