What Is NAYA?

NAYA is an innovative technology and music company that integrates product research and development, manufacturing, operation, and brand building in multiple music fields such as musical instruments, smart audio, music culture, and music education. NAYA mainly operates the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of traditional ukuleles, guitars, pianos, and other musical instruments.

Smart Guitar

The Challenge

The smart guitar is an unprecedented all-in-one smart music product newly developed by NAYA. Because the previous battery supplier could not meet NAYA’s needs in terms of battery power, capacity, and transportation safety performance modules, Ufine, which has many years of experience in lithium battery R&D, production, and sales, was finally chosen to solve these challenges.

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Battery Bloating

Overcharging causes excess gas, leading to bloating.

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Insufficient Battery Life

Limited space and capacity in smart guitars result in shorter product life.

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Puncture-resistant Batteries Required

Exporting smart guitars globally necessitates batteries with puncture resistance.

Finding A Solution

After Ufine fully studied the internal structure of NAYA’s smart guitar, it found a battery solution that was more suitable for NAYA.

1. This smart guitar has a charging stand. When the guitar is placed on the charging stand, the guitar is always in the process of charging and discharging. If the user does not unplug the charger in time, or the charger does not automatically stop charging, the battery will continue to be charged. This can lead to overcharging and cause bloating.

Ufine Battery chose to add a fuel meter to effectively monitor the guitar’s power. In addition, the discharge cut-off voltage and overcharge control voltage are also increased.

2. The space for placing the battery is limited and the battery capacity is insufficient. Ufine uses pure cobalt high-voltage materials to make its batteries. This can solve the problem of batteries requiring high voltage, high capacity, and high platform at the same time. This method can increase the battery life of the smart guitar.

3. NAYA’s smart guitars are mainly exported to overseas markets. Batteries can become punctured during aircraft transport and other logistics. To address this problem, Ufine chose to use a ceramic-thickened separator and added additives to the electrolyte to improve the overall safety of the battery. This will solve the problem of fire caused by battery puncture.

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Ufine’s battery solution for our smart guitars at NAYA has exceeded our expectations. As a purchasing staff member, I’m delighted with the elimination of battery inflation and the enhanced safety of our guitars during transportation. The substantial increase in battery life, from 130 to nearly 240 minutes, has resulted in a remarkable boost in sales on our website. We highly recommend Ufine for their exceptional battery solution.

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Purchasing Specialist

Successful Outcomes We’ve Reached

After the Smart Guitar Company used our improved battery, the product no longer suffered from battery inflation. The battery life increased from the previous 130 minutes to nearly 240 minutes, eliminating the possibility of accidents during transportation. Customers on the website sales increased rapidly.

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Stable Battery Operation

No more bloating due to overcharging.

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50% Increase in Battery Life

Working hours of the guitar extended while maintaining the same cost.

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Enhanced Transportation Safety

Elimination of transportation accidents.

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