Ufine New Energy Solutions At CIBF 2023

Ufine new energy solutions

On the opening day of CIBF 2023, Ufine made a grand appearance with its recent research and development achievements in new energy solutions and technology. The company showcased diverse models of lithium batteries, including conventional polymer lithium batteries, ultra-thin shaped batteries, long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries, as well as high-low temperature special batteries.


The event attracted numerous domestic and overseas clients, as well as professionals working in the lithium battery field. Many of them visited Ufine's booth 10T071 to discuss possible cooperation opportunities while appreciating the quality, safety performance, and service offered by the company. Visitors emphasized the potential for collaboration moving forward.

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With over 140,000 attendees on its first day, CIBF broke historic records, becoming the pinnacle industry event gathering leading experts from all around the world. Held every two years in Shenzhen, the expo encompasses series activities such as exhibition halls, advanced battery technology seminars, electric vehicle battery symposiums, and industrial collaborations summit meetings. To date, CIBF has developed into a trendsetter within the global battery market when it comes to exhibition scale, industrial influence, professionalism, internationalization integration, and information technological progression.

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This highly anticipated event witnessed the participation of more than 2,500 national and global exhibitors from multiple domains like materials, equipment, and batteries. The number of visitors on day one reached an astonishing 140,000 participants. It is projected that within the coming three days, over 20,000 visitors will attend to explore potential partnerships while fully experiencing CIBF's influential power.

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Ufine's remarkable appearance at this year's CIBF reflects its commitment to growing in the new energy industry, as well as showcasing groundbreaking achievements in research and development. With its diverse array of lithium battery products tailored for various uses, it has successfully garnered both domestic and international attention through its ability to efficiently cater to their clients' requirements and expectations.

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The conventional polymer lithium battery is well-suited for consumer electronics that require lighter weight and high-energy-density batteries. Alternatively, the ultra-thin shaped battery can be customized into bespoke shapes designed for seamless integration into specific devices. Long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries, characterized by their exceptional stability, impressive cycle life, and reduced toxicity, are perfectly suited for applications requiring longevity and environmental considerations. Finally, the high-low temperature special battery emerges as a reliable choice among users faced with extreme weather conditions looking for optimal performance and durability in adverse environments.

This grand exhibition stands as a testament to Ufine's dedication towards innovation and progress in the battery industry. Participating in such events provide opportunities to exchange views and establish connections with experts, academics, and professionals around the world who possess similar goals and vision.

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