Ufine’s Dragon Boat Festival Celebration with Staff: A Festive Event

As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, Ufine has prepared rice dumplings as a festive gift to celebrate and thank employees for their dedication and contribution to the company.


Employees, Ufine’s important asset

As a professional manufacturer of polymer lithium batteries, Ufine values the development and well-being of the staff and prepares exquisite gifts for them at every single important festival. Although zongzi as a traditional food is not more precious than gold, it is a special way for Ufine to show solicitude for its employees.

It is noteworthy that Ufine paid great attention to the quality and taste of zongzi. The company chooses high-quality glutinous rice and premium meat and ingredients to prepare delicious zongzi for its employees. In addition, the company also put effort into the packaging design and provided unique gift boxes for employees to delightfully bring the zongzi home and share the happiness with their families. All of the above actions show that Ufine is willing to pay more attention to employee care.

When the gifts were distributed to all employees, all employees were cheerful and praised this action. An anonymous employee said, "I am grateful to the company for always caring for us. The upcoming Dragon Boat Festival will be even better because of the company’s attention and good care."


Ufine has always valued the happiness and satisfaction of its employees, and preparing gifts to staff at traditional festivals is one way for Ufine to express its concern for its staff. It is believed that with the company's solicitude, employees will work even harder and make greater contributions to the company's development.

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